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Largo and Adapt

We have a great range of furniture on offer to suit the needs of your particular business. Our mid level office furniture is an excellent choice if you want to create a professional environment that is a productive working space for your employees and also projects the right image of your company or organisation. It is understated but is also inherently practical and its design revolves around maximising space, functionality and ease of use.

We supply many types of office furniture and at mid level this is split between two main styles. The first is the Largo Range, which includes desks, pedestals and various storage units. The desks come in three designs: rectangular, wave and crescent. The first of these has a simple shape while the other two are crafted to maximise desk space while still providing comfort and accessibility for the user. All the desks also incorporate cable control systems into the design of their legs to keep the workspace clear, neat and safe.

For compact storage options, pedestals are perhaps the best choice as they fit underneath desks, either as freestanding units or as attached to the underside of the desk. There are several types available, including two- and three-drawer options. We can also supply other larger storage units, such as cupboards, bookcases, filing cabinets and items that combine two or more of these aspects, such as cupboards with shelving above.

The Adapt Range is the other alternative at mid level. The desks in this range are primarily square or rectangular but come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and their regular shape means multiple desks can be combined to maximise use of the workspace. There are also a number of Adapt pedestal units to choose from and they fit beneath the desks, either standing on the floor or attached to the desk itself. Two- and three-drawer options are available, as well as various handle designs. You can also choose models with lockable drawers.

Office furniture is much more than a means to an end because it serves not only a functional purpose but also to provide an attractive and stylish environment for staff and customers. Mid level items strike an affordable balance between practical use and great design and are therefore a great choice for offices of all types.

If you have any questions about this range or require further information, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly and helpful customer-service representatives.

Date: 25/01/2013

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